The data displayed on the water readings is the collected data from each group’s meter. The charts reflects the daily water consumption of each group showing the water usage on a daily basis.

During the month of March the farming community consumed about 108 m3 (108,000l) of water, therefore on an average, each team consumed about 454l per day, excluding 11 days when it rained. The daily water consumption by the farming community was about 5446l.

Out of the 12 groups, group 6A consumed maximum about 13% of the total water while group 2A consumed minimum about 5%. This variation in water consumption is observed due to two primary reasons, one is the participation of the group members and the other, is the type of crops planted. Group 6A watered their plants twice a day (morning and evening) as they had planted delicate crops that needed more water. On the other hand, group 2A had mainly planted morning glory and okra that require very little water and they watered their plants once a day in the evening.

The month of April observed 18 days of rain however the overall water consumption was 114m3 (114000l) as compared to March which observed 11 rainy days and an overall water consumption of 108m3. This could be because some new crops were planted during the month of April for which additional water was required for soil preparation.  Again, group 6A was the highest consumer and group 1A and 2A were the lowest consumers accounting for 13% and 5% of the total water consumed by the farming community.




MARCH 2017



APRIL 2017