The second phase of the farming activity is in progress and in order to help create a meaningful and sustainable practice among AIT community, the farmers have come together to support the community farm model that allows for a participatory and collaborative approach as well as an opportunity to be directly part of a system that encourages to grow healthy and locally produced food.

To date, there are fifty four participants of the integrated community farming at AIT. The farmers simply farm and enjoy fresh and healthy produce. As practiced during Phase I, the participants are assigned their own groups (a total of ten groups) and provided the area to manage and cultivate with their choice of vegetables to grow.



 List of Farmer Members



A total of ten groups was formed, with each group provided an area of 20 sq.m to cultivate and grow their own vegetables.  Each group’s land area is broken into four rows to allow volunteer farmers to navigate easily around the farm.

Group 1A
Group 1B
Group 2A
Group 2B
Group 3
Group 4
Group 5A
Group 5B
Group 6A
Group 6B