Community farming is not an option but a choice for AIT to become sustainable. Farming has brought together students and staff who decides, plan on what to do, when and how at the field. Farming is also seasonal and depending on the weather, the farmers weighs in on the possibilities, what are needed and how to become effective in carrying-out the activities. The farmers work at the farm before and after class and/or office during the week and works longer hours on weekends.

The whole process is a learning experience for most farmers and the preference is do organic farming only so it has been a “struggle” as weeds grow faster than the vegetables and it could mean more work. Taking care of the soil means good production results. The farmers have this satisfaction that they are planting and thereby, consuming chemical free vegetables.

And with all the farmers valuable time, effort and resources invested at the farm, we are able to grow, cook and eat healthy food provided by everyone involved.

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