This project seeks to develop a model of an Integrated Community Farming System utilizing renewable energy technologies to increase agricultural productivity, improve value chain and develop a healthy lifestyle for the campus community.

With the funding from the WISIONS of Sustainability, Germany this project engages the AIT community in farming activities and helps to grow their own food (vegetables, fish, etc.) and thus showcases AIT’s sustainability initiatives to its community and others, and is part of the “Living Laboratory on Sustainability” initiatives.

This initiative will consolidate the work carried out under the “green campus initiative” with a pilot project on – Promoting Participatory Homestead Sustainable Vegetable Production to AIT Community. These initiatives aim to promote the utilization of unused AIT land for vegetable production through community involvement and to generate interest among the AIT community to grow fresh and healthy vegetables/food without any chemical inputs.




Develop a model for Integrated Farming System using Renewable Energy Technologies to ensure food security and improve value chain

Engage community in managing their own project and ensuring its long-term sustainability

Disseminate the model to local stakeholders for possible upscaling